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Stages Of Home Construction

There are very few people who have an idea of how homes are constructed. Many people only want to see a fully completed house, nothing more. Some of the advantages of knowing the stages followed in construction is that you can be able to estimate how much the whole construction will cost, the manpower need, and also the total hours consumed. Let us look just briefly on how construction is done and the basic processes followed.

Floor plans must be developed before any construction can be done. After these plans have been developed and finalized, they must be submitted to the municipal officer. A building permit will only be issued after the municipal officer has approved the plans. Also, the homebuilders must inspect the site and examine the soil, capacity of the ground and other environmental tests.

Foundation means that before the building is done, the base must be firmly laid. The topmost soil is removed. The next thing done is excavation of the site. Concrete slabs that supports the wall foundation are formed and poured; they are termed as footings. Erection of the wall foundations follows. At this stage, the homebuilders might need your input on the design of floors.

The Skeleton
At this stage, the skeleton of the building is put up. The use of exterior sheeting in framing is most common even though there are other techniques. In this third stage, the windows and doors are installed. You should know that the frames can be lifted in place after they have been constructed on the ground.

The installation and construction of the basement floor is done at this stage of the house construction process. The plumbing works, electrical wiring, heating, cooling, and ventilation will be incorporated roughly in this stage. It is also at this stage where the municipal comes in to do the inspection. This inspection makes sure that the construction is going according to plan and the mistakes found rectified before any construction continues.

The Inside and Outside Works
This is considered as almost being the final stage. The house is constructed from the inside and from the outside at the same time and this means; the workers should work extra hard and extra careful. From the inside the warming up section is set up and the cooling systems are also put up. The blockage of the water vapor is set up at this point of the construction. The beautification of the side of the house is done at this stage. In addition, the floor is permanently laid, and the cabinets of the bathroom and kitchen are installed.

The few points outlined above are just but a few of the many things that happen during the construction of any house It is the responsibility of the builder that you have hired to give an update on the house as it is being build.

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