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Retrieving Information from Web Resources. When someone talks about web resources, he or she means anything that can be found from the Word Wide Web. The most common types of web resources are emails, web pages, information from databases and other kinds of web services. In the current times that we are living in, these resources are very easy to gather as the web has been advanced and the world reduced to a global village. During the early times, web resources comprised of those files and documents that could not be moved. This term has now grown to cover even those resources that can be now moved. Uniform resource locators, also known as URLs are the ones used to identify all kinds of web resources. The web has been made as a network which has static and addressable objects that include files and documents connected by the URLs. When a web resource is identified, the identification requires two distinct purposes which are the naming and addressing. Addressing a web resource however, depends on the protocol. When it comes to online resources, we can group wen resources into many categories. In case of research purposes, useful web resources are those that will contain current information such as the stock prices, sports scores, news or the weather. These are very easy to locate in the web as compared to books and journals since the two take quite some time to publish. With web resources, we can get information like that of colleges, museums, government agencies and non-profit organizations. All this information comes in handy when a person is researching on specific companies.
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There are more useful types of web resources such as those that include job postings, shopping and all other useful information. Information gathered by a person will be relevant to them depending on their interests. Written below is a summary of how information can be stored in the world wide web.
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There is a rise of a requirement of cloud services where companies have developed ways of storing precious information. An individual or an organization chooses whether to keep their data in physical or cloud servers. With the above, information retrieval becomes easy. The platforms that sell cloud service solutions do give out offers to organizations and persons that use their cloud services. For instance, they may choose to give 500 GB free for storing information if a person or company buys a given amount of space from them. Once a buyer of cloud space logs into their account, they can add the amount of space they want from these solution providers, add to their shopping cart and check out once satisfied. This make it easy to keep information as well as access web resources if when need be.