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You will require some fundamentals that you will need to know in order to be a computer desk guru and perform in the caliber that you want to be.This Is because computers have changed a lot and they have been evolving features with time.

You will need to differentiate between a computer hardware and a computer software since most of the computer desk guru can be able to distinguish between the two.The most basic way to distinguish them is by just saying the hardware parts of a computer are tangible .

While the software part of the computer Is not tangible that is the software is made up of programs with other components.This is the fundamental knowledge your supposed to be aware of.

The other thing you will have to distinguish is the input and output devices these type o devices are the ones that are used to extract the information or just feed the information into the computer so if you have some device that is imputing data that is an input device.

Input devices that are used to put information into a computer include the text input devices this is the keyboard the keyboard is fundamental because it is used to input data. Another input device to know as a computer desk guru is the pointing devices these devices include the mouse and the trackball.

There are other devices that are used to input different forms of data like audio that is the microphone another form of data is the image this can be input into a device using a scanner or even a web camera this are just a few forms of input.

The output devices that a computer desk guru is supposed to be keen about when operating a computer is the monitor that is used to display images when they are being processed by the computer another output device is the printer it is used to show data in form images, not forgetting the speaker which is used to output audio.

The other fundamental thing to learn when you are going to be a computer desk guru is the storage units whether internal or external this type of storage in terms of if they are inside the computer or not that is there is the internal storage and external memory .

Floppy disks flash disks memory cards this is among the few things that are used to store data when it comes s to external storage.

There are other storage devices that you can be able to distinguish that is read-only memory that is devices that can only be read but no writing can be made on them others are readable and rewritable memories this are memory storage devices that can be used frequently like flash disks.

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