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Choosing the Right Tank Size for Your Pet Fish

If you are a neophyte as an aquarium hobbyist, you may think that upkeep for 50 litre tanks is automatically easier than for 100 litre tanks.Being new to the aquarium hobby, you may be tempted to believe that maintaining 50 litre tanks is necessarily easier compared to maintaining 100 litre tanks. This assumption is completely wrong and yet very common. A number of factors should be considered when deciding on the right tank size for your fish.

Knowledge and Experience

A bigger tank will need more than just one filter or even a pump system that could be a lot more challenging than a novice aquarist might find convenient enough. If you are experienced in the aquarium hobby and would like to level up and start keeping bigger fish, a large tank is probably the right choice for you. However, if you’re a beginner, starting with one of those 50 litre tanks could be wise. This size would not be too big that it becomes a feat to maintain, yet big enough to give you a buffer against water parameter mistakes you could make being a novice.


Another evident factor in choosing a fish tank size is the specie and number of fish you plan to keep. The rule is one inch of fish per gallon of water, but you have to consider the adult size of the fish and not its size when you bought it. Remember as well that that certain species need more room than other fish, regardless of their sizes. In general, smaller community fish can do well in 50 litre tanks , but others may need no less than 200 litres of water. In addition, note that some species may also prefer a certain tank shape. Tall-finned species such as Angelfish may prefer tanks with more vertical than horizontal space. Though 50 litre tanks will always be 50 litre tanks, Angelish prefer having the volume dispersed up and down rather than left to right.

Tank Upkeep

Maintenance time can often be reduced if the aquarium is correctly installed, so this need not be a large issue in considering the right tank size to buy. A good filter size will eliminate most of the toxins and waste from your tank water, and you will have to get a new filter media once a month, no matter if you’re talking about 500 or 50 litre tanks. To keep tank water quality high, you need to change 10 – 20% of it on a weekly basis.

Other Factors

While moving from smaller to bigger tanks, you will see a substantial boost rise in price. If you want a large tank but only have money for no bigger than one of those 50 litre tanks or smaller, consider getting an aquarium starter kit that comes with some of the equipment and tank decorations. If you’re just starting this hobby but you’d like want to give yourself a little room for growth, for a tank that is slightly bit bigger than your average starter tank.